Misconceptions & Myths of Rotary

Myth: Rotary is exclusively a male only organization 

Rotary started out as a men only organization but changed its constitution in 1988 to allow women. Our club is proud to boast some of the first women in Rotary were members of our club. Women now play important roles in Rotary including 2022-2023 RI President Jennifer Jones, member of the Rotary Club of Windsor-Roseland.

Misconception: Membership is limited by occupation

Members include teachers, nurses, city workers, real estate agents and many other professions. We understand that every individual brings a unique blend of personal experiences and skills to their service so what you do for a living is only a part of your story.

Myth: It takes too much time and money

What you give is up to you. That goes for financial and time commitments, you shape your experience with our club and Rotary.
Membership dues and event/meeting fees are the only expected financial obligation. With so many ways to contribute to Rotary causes, we encourage members to learn all they can before deciding if and how to donate.
We also understand the value of your time and encourage all members at a minimum to join a committee. While we recognize talents and leaders within our membership and encourage those to pursue further opportunities, how deep or far you go into the Rotary organization is for you to explore.

Misconception: Rotary is all about business

First and foremost, we as Rotarians are about service. One does not have to own a business nor be involved in a commercial enterprise to contribute. While many members are and you will encounter others through your work with club activities, we are united around a desire for service within our community.