Kids with Incarcerated Parents (KIP)
Jan 10, 2024 12:00 PM
Derek Reid of KIP
Kids with Incarcerated Parents (KIP)

Kids with Incarcerated Parents (KIP) Canada supports the needs of the over 375 000 children in Canada affected by their parent’s involvement in the justice system. The ripple effects of parental incarceration are often devastating for the children left behind. 

While every child has a unique journey, many face multiple adverse childhood experiences and several challenges including; ​

  • Trauma
  • Family instability
  • Economic insecurity
  • Stigma and social isolation 
  • Compromised self-esteem
  • Insecurity in familial relationships

Since the inception of the organization, Derek and Jessica have dedicated their lives to supporting children and families affected by the justice system. Prior to founding KIP Canada, Jessica Reid earned a Psychology degree from Trent University and worked with children and adolescents in several educational and mental health capacities while Derek Reid, a graduate of Western University, worked in the financial industry. During the summer of 2011, Jessica witnessed the devastating impact of parental incarceration on children in her role as an early educator. It was through this experience that she developed a passion for supporting these innocent victims and improving the lives of those affected by parental imprisonment.

For 24 years, our founder Jessica Reid was separated from her father, Derek Reid. As an adult, Jessica began the journey of locating her father. In June 2011, Jessica united with Derek for the first time. Although Derek and Jessica were not apart due to incarceration, the impact of being separated from each other coupled with the lack of resources available for children of incarcerated parents propelled their passion to develop a non-profit organization. As a result, Derek and Jessica founded Fostering, Empowering, Advocating, Together (FEAT) in August 2011.