Camp Enterprise was started over 30 years ago with the purpose of giving the Etobicoke high school students a better understanding of how business works. Our focus remains the same today.

This Camp is provided free of charge to Etobicoke students who show a keen interest in entrepreneurship and community service.   Space is always limited as the competition is quite intense to be part of this program.   

The primary objective is to give secondary students a better understanding of how and why business works.  Top-notch motivational speakers, marketing experts and captains of industry donate their time to enrich the overall Camp Enterprise experience.  Students develop and implement, as part of a team, a business plan to raise funds for a charity of your choice.
Rotary Camp Enterprise Experience Offers

  • Top-notch motivational speakers

  • Negotiation tactics and skills development

  • A strong emphasis on team building and presentation skills

  • Successful business leaders sharing real life experiences