President's Message

What can’t we do?

In recent days, the world’s attention has turned to the impact of the novel Corona virus, covid-19, and the remarkable force this invisible creature is having in our world. The public policy of physical distancing has meant that we cannot meet in our usual ways, and there are ever new challenges to fund-raising and modelling the ideal of service. Yet, we have also found that the Rotary Club of Etobicoke is needed now just as much as it ever was, perhaps more.

While we feel the impact of the pandemic, we are not stopped by it. We are looking  forward to better days. We are preparing for the future scenarios to meet and do projects together. We are asking how we can incorporate technology into club life to build the membership experience.  We are considering ways to raise funds to support the many groups that count on us. Hard to imagine, but not beyond our collective capacity.

In the work-a-day world we see businesses and organizations transforming before our eyes. We see our society move and adapt to the new realities of working from home, organizing events and even having social contact.  I wonder, what could our club will look like in a year’s time?

For me the club is not so much about what we do, but about who we are and our gift of service. There is a financial aspect to the club’s balance sheet, we all like to have lots of financial resources to distribute to worthwhile causes. However, we should not ignore another very real truth, it is not our money, but our human capital that can unlock so many more opportunities to serve than the “cash” we raise.

The ideas, skills and capacity to deliver are so very important for a successful club. The club benefits from active committee chairs, who make it a point to know their committee members. Members who take an interest in sharing their time and experience.  We will reap what we sow, and it will be curious to see what emerges in a year when money is uncertain and fund-raising has to be done in a physically distanced world. Perhaps, we should have a talent scheme year where every Rotarian develop their own way to raise a thousand dollars? What if?

As a Rotarian, I view the development of acquaintance as an underdeveloped opportunity for service. It is my firm belief that people do come to Rotary looking for support  a project monetarily, but  they also come wanting to give back to their community and find people who are willing to invest their time and talent together.

By joining a Rotary club, we acquaint ourselves with community people who try to give back and help improve the condition of life for people in Etobicoke and the wider world. By engaging in our communities, as Rotarians, we get to know the available and active pools of human resources that are trying to help people and partner with them. We also have a worldwide body of connected people to learn from and lean on....!

If you want to join Rotary, contact us and we will help you get started and see how you can connect with people who only want to make this world a better world.

I am keen to work with some very strong leaders in our club, who care about people and want to be together to help our fellow citizens and non-citizens. Let’s continue to find a way to serve and ensure that our record of service will endure long past the period in history marked by the corona virus pandemic.

Kester J. Trim,


The Rotary club of Etobicoke