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On Thursday, 26th of November at 7pm, five Rotary Clubs  from our dictrict have organized a special online virtual evening celebrating a unique opportunity to save an important part of Ontario's heritage AND contribute to the fight against climate change.

Zhelevo is a majestic Red Oak located in a residential community near the Humber River in Toronto. It is well over 250 years old and was recognized as a Heritage Tree in 2009 thanks to the incredible efforts of Edith George, its neighbour and friend.

This Red Oak has witnessed history unfolding as a lookout tree overseeing the First Nations’ Carrying-Place Trail. Every year, it captures more than 2.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide and currently stores over 31 tonnes of carbon above ground.

The Evening will be hosted by CTV's Colin D' Mello with special guests: Mark Cullen, Mayor John Tory (invited), Carolyn King, Edith George, Sophia Maiolo and Nilam Bedi.

Come together to help save an Oak Tree that is older than Canada!