“Lunch Money for Backpacks”

We have been isolated for the last few months unable to meet and share a meal together, saved a lot of money that we would havespent on the meals. We encourage you to use some of that “Lunch Money” and  support the cost of backpacks for children in need come fall.

This year the need for support is greater than ever, the COVID 19 pandemic has been most severe on marginalized families. The children themselves have/are suffering the most, the closing of schools, the closing of parks, playing with friends, being isolated. The Lunch Money for Backpacks project is to help families get their children ready for school in the fall.  For the past 7 years our Rotary Etobicoke Hands-On Committee has provided backpacks to our community partners who depend on us for backpacks for  families on their most in need lists.

By providing $25 (the cost of one backpack filled with school supplies) at this early time , it will allow time to purchase all the school items and would permit us to plan ahead to know the number of children we will be able to help with essential items.  You can purchase more than one backpack if you would like.

Please send the email transfer to our treasurer Gary Halford: ghalford@interaxgrp.com

A personal tag will be added to each backpack. “Marcus (fill in your name) from Rotary Etobicoke wishes you a great year, success and knowledge, have a wonderful school year!

Thank you for your generous support!

ACT NOW - this fundraiser ends on Saturday, June 27 2020.