Rotarians and friends donated and packed around 300 bags! 

From top left:  Brittany Bateman, Coordinator at Youth Without Shelter is accepting Halloween treat bags for all the youth in Youth Without Shelter; 

Ernestine's Women's Shelter's Khadija Kathy Ali and Angela Mazza received 100 treat bags for youth in their shelter and all the youngsters in their outreach programs.   They thanked us for always remembering their children at Halloween and bringing a smile to their faces;    

Lower Right:   Lina Almanzan, Resource Manger at Women's Habitat Shelter of Etobicoke was very happy to receive Halloween treat bags for youngsters in their shelter and outreach programs along with a large box of new Halloween costumes and a donation of very welcome baby clothes from Rhena Fleming;  

Receptionist Judy was very complimentary in accepting treat bags on behalf of Dwane Abbott, Supervisor, for LAMP CHC's Street Level Space Group which provides after school programs for tweens and teens 5 days a week.    

Additional bags, donated by Lynda and Gillian,  were delivered to Rosemarie Bryan, Families Services Manager at Salvation Army Kipling Temple.