May 13, 2020 12:00 PM
Alena Nyvltova

How stressful or traumatic experiences affect our relationships with family, community and business, and how to eliminate their impact on our lives.


“The source of empowerment, transformation and success is within you”
—Alena Nyvltova BA 2020


Alena will discuss the impact of when economy and life is unstable ...running for security, causes  distress in our family and workplace. As a result people are disconnected from their children and cannot make clear decisions. This affects the stability of our foundation and our children's security by not having patience and time for our loved ones.Therefore stress levels are raised and  are less effective. Costing us the price that can not be replaced.

Alena mentors her clients through their life journey to rediscover their
innate talents and true calling, and reignite their passion for life. They
connect with their inner creative magic and transform that energy into clear
vision of what they truly want and what is next for them. This
transformational process propels them into action and empowers them to
achieve truly meaningful results. Her diverse clients have included those
engaged finance and business, health professions, education, creative arts,
politics, and parenting.
As a student with the Empowerment Partnership, she has extensive
training and experience as a Master Practitioner in Neuro-linguistic
Programming (NLP) Hypnosis and Mental Emotional Release (MER). She
continues her ongoing study as an upper level student of the Ancient
Hawaiian Life Science called HUNA as a member of Halau Ho& Manaloa
(translated as School of Expanded Empowerment) in Hawaii.
Alena provides one on one sessions, workshops and public presentations
in person and through social media platforms.