The Club was formed in 1930, the beginning of the well remembered "depression years". In the early 30's there was massive unemployment. One of the first club projects was to help these people and provide more than 2000 parcels of food and milk. The main thought and efforts were directed towards helping the children. The Town of New Toronto made parkland available, which our Rotary Club equipped with playground equipment. As an expression of appreciation the property was named "Rotary Park". Picnics were frequently provided for the underprivileged children. At one of these picnics in Long Branch, 1500 children were entertained. Disabled children were provided boots, braces, wheelchairs and other equipment by the club. Funds were raised by means of annual Theatre Nights and Draws.

In 1934 our meeting place for the regular luncheon was changed to the Old Mill and this venue has continued up to the present. However, we did know right from the start, that these luncheons were not only once a week meetings of business executives enjoying each others company but opportunities to give practical, much needed service to others.

After a brief respite from the depression, World War II started. Hardship took other forms. The people of the world who cherished liberty were fighting a desperate war of survival. Several Club members were serving with the Armed Forces, whilst many served in other essential ways. The membership grew to a strength of 35. Our club was actively interested in the Boy Scout movement. Rotary provided scout patrol competition trophies and kept this up for many years. At that time the club became active in the work of "The Greater Toronto War Services Council". The Club also donated money towards the Canadian "Milk for Britain" fund. The Club, as an encouragement to high academic performance, establish scholarships for students at the Mimico High School. These scholarships were continued and others were added including the New Toronto Secondary School, Etobicoke Collegiate, Royal York Collegiate and Alderwood Collegiate.